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Skin Lesions

Do you find your skin tags or moles unsightly or do they affect your self-confidence. Or have they become irritated or inflamed, causing discomfort or pain. Or maybe they catch on your clothing or jewellery, which can then become irritated and cause further complications.

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Our Treatments

Skin Tag Removal

Need to get rid of skin tags? Our skin tag removal services can help you achieve smooth, clear skin. Say goodbye to those unwanted skin tags with our safe and effective removal treatments. Get in touch with us today to schedule your skin tag removal appointment!

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Mole Removal

Moles can be removed for cosmetic reasons, or because they’re potentially cancerous (melanoma). At Cosmetica Medical Aesthetics, we can assess the mole and determine if you need to see a dermatologist if the mole looks like it should be tested.


If that is the case I will refer you to your GP. If they confirm that the mole is not dangerous you can then book in with us and we can remove it for you. Most unwanted moles are surgically removed, cut out via punch excision or they can be shaved off with a scalpel. 


Looking for a treatment to address pigmentation issues? We offer effective pigmentation treatments that can help reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone. Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation, age spots, and sun damage with our pigmentation treatments!

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